Which company offers the cheapest auto insurance in Canada?

We get asked this question a lot, so let’s get it out of the way! Truthfully, there’s no easy answer. Insurance is the business of risk. Based on your age, driving experience, address and other factors, insurance companies will assess the likelihood of you needing to make a claim during the term of your policy. It is this risk assessment that determines how much your monthly car insurance premiums will cost. Further complicating things, every insurer has their own formula when translating risk into a real insurance quote. For example, some companies are willing to offer reasonable rates to young drivers, in the hope that they can secure a long-term customer, while other companies are reluctant to insure this demographic at all, and will quote a very high price for everyone under the age of 25. If you asked five insurance companies for a quote, you would receive five different answers, and the difference between the highest and lowest can amount to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per year. The point is, it is impossible to say which company will offer you the best deal without asking you a few quick questions first. Our car insurance comparison tool only takes a few minutes and once complete, we’ll show you a customized list of car insurance quotes from Canada’s best insurance companies. All you have to do is compare coverages and pick the cheapest rate. Voila!

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

Everyone likes to save money, but when it comes to car insurance, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Before deciding on an insurance company, make sure you understand the coverage they are offering. Aggregator sites like this one make it easy to find a low price, while also comparing coverages. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll get a list of the cheapest available rates from over 50 trusted, well-known providers.